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25 March 2014:

Thanks again. The last batch of Easycaps that I purchased have all been fitted to various magnetos we have reconditioned: Lucas GJ4s, MO1s, RF4s, BTH GACs, Bosch JU4RB and a little Magnéto France. All have performed very well, I am glad to report.
Keep it up lads.

J Donnelly, Donaghmore Magnetos, Donaghmore, Co Tyrone, Ireland, BT70 2UF.

12 February 2014:

You rebuilt the magneto for my Panther before Christmas. I just thought I would let you know how well the bike is running. It was always a good starter and runner or so I thought. Now starting from cold, the bike starts first time every time, even when its freezing it fires every kick, it might not start and keep running as the straight 40 oil is so thick, but it will fire every time and maybe start and keep going after three or four tries, before the magneto rebuild if it hadn't started by the third try it was best to leave it for 1/2 hour or so.
Running seems the same, but there are subtle differences like when stopped at traffic lights. Before the rebuild, the tick over would vary and slow down to the point where the engine would sometimes just stop, so I had developed the habit of giving it a little throttle to keep it going. Now, the tick over is even and constant, and I am beginning to develop a trust in it that I haven't experienced in some years. I have only been for a few short runs but so far absolutely brilliant.
Thank you for doing such a good job on it. I have been recommending you to everyone.
Rob K., South Hampshire

21 January 2014:

Thank you, it [C04 EasyCap] arrived this morning. Fitted it straight in and it works perfectly - transformed the starting and running :)
Allen M., Berkshire

20 January 2014:

Just to let you know, I refitted the magneto that you overhauled for me today, and the bike is now running brilliantly. The tick over slow running on full retard is the best I have ever had on the bike. No other adjustments were made. Thank you once more for all your help.
Rod C., Scotland

19 December 2013:

My Norton Dominator started first kick and goes superbly, all thanks to yourself and the excellent service you provided me with in repairing my K2F mag.
I appreciate your thorough analysis of found faults prior to starting repair, and the thorough and comprehensive testing after repair. Excellent communication and helpful advice. A prompt service with mag well packaged for return delivery. A great web site. I look forward to future business with you, and shall highly recommend your services.
I am looking forward to the pleasant days of the Spring for some happy motorcycling. A very happy Christmas and New Year to you and all your family.
Tony S., Berkshire

3 December 2013:

Thanks again for looking at my mag on Saturday. The bike now starts first kick and has a tick over that it never seemed to have before. I have ordered the new pickup, so thanks for the info. Great meeting you and highly recommended.
All the best.
Phil R., S. Hampshire

Ebay snippets:

Brilliant product, works very well! Expect repeat custom. custommettle.  28-Nov-13.

Excellent pick-ups - have transformed the bike's performance. clare7049. 15-Nov-13.

Clever product. Quick delivery. 2000breezes. 23-Oct-13.

Just as described and well packed, expert advice as well. rtconner2010. 17-Oct-13.

Good item, easy to fit, works well. Thanks. dynadick486. 11-Oct-13.

Very pleased. She is running sweet again. Visit their web site. Very informative. jonzzzie. 15-Sep-13.

Excellent service, arrived quicker than locally source items. spiggy09 (Australia). 15-Aug-13.

Extremely fast delivery and easy modification to fit C01 condenser. Regards. lrfree11. 06-Aug-13.

20 October 2013:

I just thought I'd drop you a line to say how successful the work on the mag was. I went out on a VMCC run today and the bike behaved perfectly (at least until the gear lever return spring broke). It started easily and ran really smoothly at low revs, and when I checked the plugs they were exactly the same colour. A very satisfactory result.
Thanks again.
Ian S., Oxfordshire

3 October 2013:

Please post our testimonial onto your web page:
Brightspark Magnetos has recently taken on work from the Sammy Miller Motorcycle Museum in New Milton, Hampshire. We have found the work to be superb, and to date we cannot fault the quality or the service.
Many thanks,
Viv Brackett, PA to Sammy Miller MBE
Sammy Miller Motorcycle Museum. Tel: 01425 620777 (Museum); 01425 616644 (Workshop).

1 October 2013:

The other weekend I refitted the K2F magneto - recently overhauled by Brightspark - and timed the ignition on my 1959 BSA A10.  A good, fat spark was evident at the plugs.  After 23 years standing idle in a shed, the machine started FIRST KICK.  And not only that, the engine ran up and settled to a faultless tick over without a hint of a misfire.
Without doubt, evident of an ignition system performing impeccably. 
Thought that you might like to know that – many thanks for your excellent service.
Best regards,
Roger S., Nottingham

14 September 2013:

Got the mag back this morning, fitted it at lunchtime and just got back from a test ride.
It's massively improved and kicks up easily now - even when warm/hot. Your investigations, report and and repairs service have been most thorough. The work is superb value and your customer service flawless.
Thank you for making the bike useable!
Simon, Huddersfield.

11 August 2013:

Thanks for everything you've done. Refitted mag and bike started first kick.
Dave C., Colchester

16 July 2013:

I have just received the EasyCap C01 for the K2F mag on my 1950 BSA Golden Flash 650. Delivery was very fast and efficient. I read and printed off the instructions for the 'quick snip' from the web site and then set about doing the 'procedure'.
The C01 was a really easy and neat fit onto the brass contact breaker plate. Took me less than 5 minutes to fit.
The instructions for disconnecting the old condenser were equally simple to follow. Rather than snip the wires I just de-soldered them from the condenser terminal, eased them away from the terminal, made sure they were soldered together and then applied heat-shrink (2 layers over the soldered ends of the wire and a final layer along the length of the wire; my wife's hair dryer provided the heat - please don't tell her!) I then eased the now sealed wire back between the small metal clips that held it previously, to ensure that it can't move in operation.
Easy job, took less than half an hour and the mag sparks even when turned by hand on the bench. Overall a great practical solution to an otherwise tricky problem.
Thanks to all at Brightspark Magnetos.
Ken M, Gloucestershire

4 July 2013:

The K1F Magneto arrived back this morning ... I fitted it ... timed it 38 degrees BTDC fully advanced (as you do) ... and ... BOOM ... First kick !!!
I've been out on the bike for most of the day ... It even started first kick for a crowd of well wishers that had gathered around in Tesco's car park ... A true test if ever there was one!
Many thanks for yet another superb job.
Kind regards,
Dr. Sidevalve, Somerset.

3 July 2013:

With the slightly better weather I have managed to get a few miles in on my Velocette.
The magneto you so kindly repaired and tested has been fitted, the timing adjusted and the bike started second kick. That’s the very first time that has happened for me in a very long time.
All the effort has been well worth it, and the bike is running superbly now. The magneto has a brilliant spark, even just slowly turning it over produces a very bright blue spark, no effort or speed required. Instead of dreading trying to start the Velo, I now really look forward to each turn of the kick start knowing that the engine will fire into life with ease.
I just wanted to thank you for all your effort and let you know that it is appreciated. I will know where to come when the next one needs sorting out.
The external condenser seems a very sensible idea; why this was not used years ago I cannot imagine.
Anyway again many thanks, after your efforts I will look forward to some more miles this summer, if we ever get one?
Very best regards,
Steve A, East Sussex

30 June 2013:

You repaired my AJS magneto a few weeks ago and I thought you might like an update.
The bike has been transformed, it starts first or second kick hot or cold and it seems to run much smoother. So a big difference to how it was before, and the bike is so much more usable now.
Thank you so very much for a job well done.
Kind regards,
David H, Southampton

Ebay snippets:

Super product. Works a treat. A must for Villiers magnetos. jackclegg. 09-Jun-13


5 star seller, great capacitor and very fast shipping. Thanks from Sweden. +++++ kvistofta. 07-Jun-13


World N°1 magneto saver! Thanks. clutchcork. 01-May-13


+++AAA Great products, excellent communications, would BUY again. go2001. 23-Apr-13


Thanks alot! Fast shipping, great product. bhanssen0047. 22-Apr-13


Très bien, parfait, et très rapide. anatase19. 25-Feb-13


GREAT ITEM, access to online data, 100%, Would recommend. shoey14a. 19-Feb-13


Excellent product, easy to install, excellent service from seller AAA++++. pacto-store. 17-Feb-13

29 April  2013:

Nous avons fait Samedi une grande promenade de 140 kms sur les routes sinueuses et non plates de la Suisse Normande avec les 4 machines équipées d'Easycap.
Résultat parfait, la Peugeot n'a pas fait une seule perle et la DKW s'est prise pour une moto de course de côte, nous l'avons poussée très fort dans certaines montées très longue. Tout était OK. Les démarrages à chaud sans aucun soucis ni sur les magnétos, ni sur les volants magnétiques.
Alain Jodocius
Normandie, France

28 April 2013:

Nice to meet you this morning. Just finished throwing the Goldie back together; started first kick!! Went for a spin round the block. Feels like a different bike, much smoother and seems to pick up cleaner. Many thanks for a good job and speedy turn around. Kind regards,
Chris, Hampshire.

8 April 2013:

I have at last managed a decent ride on my Ariel when I rode in the Felix Burke road trial yesterday and on a day punctuated by others' breakdowns, it performed wonderfully. It started easily, rode well and ticked over beautifully while we sorted out others' problems. Thanks again.
Ian Scott, Oxfordshire.

5 April 2013:

Als Liebhaber englischer Motorräder, speziell BSA, habe ich schon einige Motoren neu aufgebaut und so gut wie möglich eingestellt, dabei spielt auch ein einwandfreier Zündmagnet eine grosse Rolle. Ich habe schon einige Erfahrung gemacht mit "überholten" Magnetos, welche zwar "fachmännisch" überholt worden sind (Wicklung, Kondensator, Lager Kontakte, Schleifring etc.) aber trotzdem nach kurzer Zeit Probleme bereitet haben, Ursache war neben einem nicht korrekten Zündwinkel öfters auch der Kondensator. Welcher sich im inneren auf dem Spulenträger befindet. Jeder der sich auskennt weiss wie frustrierend es ist den Zündmagenten mit allen notwendigen Schritten wieder auszubauen (Timing Cover runter, Dichtung neu, Zahnrad abziehen etc.). Ich bin dann bei meiner Recherche nach einem professionellen Magnet-Spezialist auf Brightspark Magneto Ltd gestossen und habe dort bereits 3 Magnete überholen lassen welche einwandfrei ihren Dienst tun, bemerkenswert ist das neue Kondensator-Konzept, der alte wird entfernt und der neue EasyCap-Kondensator wird einfach unter den Unterbrecherkontakt geschraubt, leicht zugänglich und problemlos auszutauschen. Ein defekter Kondensator ist oft die Ursache für schwache Zündfunken oder auch Fehlzündungen, kann einem also gründlich den Spaß verderben. Die Jungs von Brightspark Magnetos Ltd sind super nett und kommen mit einer sehr detaillierten Analyse des Magneten daher, auch eine Kostenaufstellung der notwendigen Arbeiten macht eine Überholung transparent und kalkulierbar. Die Arbeiten werden professionell und mit hohem Fachwissen ausgeführt. Für deutsche Kunden ist Bill welche in der Normandie sitzt günstiger wegen den Versandkosten, Ken weiss ebenso gut Bescheid und sitzt in England. Ich kann jedem welcher Probleme mit seinem Zündmagneten hat den Service von Brightspark Magneto wärmstens empfehlen. Für Auskünfte stehe ich gerne zur Verfügung, bitte an Brightspark Magneto wenden.
Christoph Ziegler, Leonberg/Stuttgart, Germany
BSA A10 Plunger, BSA RGS


Having had my experience with so called “fully refurbished magnetos”, discovering after assembly to the engine that either the inbuilt condenser gave up after a few miles or the not accurate enough firing angle caused a rough engine behaviour, I discovered Brightspark Magnetos Ltd.
The level of expertise and the results of their work is truly excellent. Never before have I received such a detailed analysis of the current status and the problem areas, providing me with the full picture of what needs to be done and why. Also the EasyCap condenser concept which replaces the “hard to get to” inbuilt condenser buried in the housing works excellently. Access and replacement is an easy job to do. I highly recommend Brightspark Magnetos Ltd, very convenient to know for German customers like me is the fact that they have a presence in France, in addition to England, making things easier when it comes to postage and mailing costs.
Christoph Ziegler, Leonberg/Stuttgart, Germany
BSA A10 Plunger, BSA RGS

8 March 2013:

I just restored a 1966 Norton N 15 CS. I cleaned and serviced the magneto, installed new points etc. It was very hard to start and ran poorly. After trolling the internet I came across your website, ordered an Easy Cap (C04 for Lucas with a steel backplate). It arrived at my Canadian address in less than a week. I installed the Easy Cap (very simple to install), and the bike started first kick and continues to start in 1 or 2 kicks. I am very pleased with your service and the product and have passed your website and email address along to a Canadian supplier of Norton parts who hadn’t heard of your company. Again thanks for the great service.
K.J., British Columbia

4 March 2013:

Just a short message to let you know that we have just had our first run in the Morris Cowley Bullnose since putting on the magneto, and she drove a treat, not missing a beat. Thanks for all you help and brilliant service and we shall definitely recommend you to anyone who needs your expertise. Thanks again.
Regards, Steve, UK.

14 February 2013:

We are on the way to gaining consumer confidence in your product. I selected a most sorry looking K2F from my pile of magnetos and cleaned it up, did a condenser removal surgery and fitted it to my 1954 Triumph race bike with one of your units. Completed a gruelling 2 day 500 mile off-road adventure in the California desert with not even a single misfire from the magneto.
We have now fitted 47 customer magnetos with your product. We have a fixture to test run a magneto before shipping out and have discovered that all 47 units we have fitted Brightspark units to have worked flawlessly even if they were lifeless prior to the changeover.
I am completely sold on your product.
Bill Getty, JRC Engineering, California.

10 février 2013:

Svp de cliquer sur le lien et voir sous "10 février 2013; Réparation de magnéto"

1 February 2013:

Excellent service. This is an example of what the bike trade should aspire to.
After discussing the problem over the phone with Ken (as a Velocette Viper was unfamiliar territory for us), we forwarded the faulty magneto for inspection.
We received a full technical report and cost breakdown on the faulty magneto very quickly, and after authorisation the overhauled magneto was returned to us promptly.
The Velocette now starts first kick and runs extremely well thus proving Ken's diagnosis as being correct.
Once again many thanks for all the help, and we will be recommending Brightspark Magnetos to everybody we come across in the British bike scene.
Cradley Heath Motorcycles (Cradley Kawasaki)

Ebay snippets:

It works very good. Steamgeoff. 29-Jan-13


Thanks. Works a treat. Easy to fit by quick snip! Really quick delivery. brian48stallard. 19-Jan-13.


Excellent transaction. Good helpful info on website. gn_wilson. 09-Jan-13.


Superfast delivery This item works real good. Verrry happy Good Communication A++. bouncer540. 04-Jan-13.


Perfect. ruthray. 08-Dec-12.


Very satisfied. Simple enough to fit for home mechanic and giving strong spark. jenkins291234. 27-Nov-12.


So far so good excellent sparks all round +++. z900guy. 09-Nov-12.


Works perfect. Many thanks. jmac9422. 27-Oct-12.

21 December 2012:

The BSA is now running really well; the first time in over 60 years!
Thank you very much for all the magneto work this year.
A.F., Shropshire

19 December 2012:

I retrieved the magneto from the local P.O. today and fitted it .. and .. yes you were right ... the bike started .. FIRST KICK ! ... warming up to settle down to a delightful tick over like a Swiss clock .. I then stopped the engine to try it when warm .. Absolutely no bother at all ! I now have the lovely user friendly G3LS we all know and love ... I'm DELIGHTED !!! J Many thanks for saving the day ..
K.M., Bristol

29 October 2012:

Last Saturday I fitted the Easycap and rode the Panther for about 50 km. Yesterday I rode another 30km. (It was very cold)!)
It ran perfectly so I am the happiest man in the world, because before it was drama.
H de R, Netherlands

22 October 2012:

Just a line to say thankyou very much for all the work you did on my Moto Guzzi's 1920s Bosch ZE-1, and the excellent report you wrote on it, which has provided very interesting reading. Having now had the time to refit the unit, I’m very happy to report that it burst into life 2nd kick, and 1st kick thereafter. Having been left unused for at least 5 years I think you’ll agree that’s quite an achievement! Again thanks for your work and also a most excellent and clear pricing structure.
Best regards
A.H., Lincs.

20 October 2012:

Just to say that I took the AJS out for a spin in the week having put the mag back and set the timing. Blimey. It's never gone like that before! Doing in excess of 69 mph before I knew it. It is so much better at 20 in traffic too.
Thanks again.
T.B., Leicester

17 October 2012:

From your description of the problem, with the slip ring having blown a tiny hole from the brass segment through to the armature shaft, I would never have found it.
But at least it seems that I got the fitting of the EasyCap right.
Thanks again for the great service.
A. S., Cheltenham.

16 October 2012:

The NR1 magneto arrived safely yesterday, and I have just fitted it to the AJS 18CS. It started first kick and now runs like a clock, so thank you very much for the very thorough report and prompt service.
A. F., Shropshire.

27 September 2012:

The K1F re-build you did with the EasyCap condenser has made my Velocette Venom into a much more pleasant machine, runs smoothly throughout the rev-range and easy to start (for a Velocette!).
A. F., Shropshire.

19 September 2012:

Just wanted to say thanks for a splendid job on my Lucas MSV mag. The Brough Superior is running really well, and I'm a happy customer. I think a good job at a reasonable rate from an honest chap should be recommended.
P. O., Sussex.

Ebay snippets:-

Amazing. Just took the Ariel for a spin and the condenser works fine. Thankyou. Coleandeva (UK) 17-Jul-12


Great part. Great service. Kawaw2 (UK) 24-Jul-12


Great product. Clever fix. Spiggy09 (Australia) 31-Jul-12


Absolutely brilliant! Thank you!! Gasty2 (UK) 08-Aug-12


Fast shipping. A+++ seller. Kittisu74 (Thailand) 14-Aug-12


Excellent. Couldn't be better. Mag's sparking like new! Many thanks. Will buy again. Molagnies (France) 18-Aug-12


Very happy with purchase. Works a treat and quick delivery A++++. Joedbd34 (UK) 27-Aug-12


Brilliant condensors, This is for a spare and was sent very quickly. Spiggy09 (Australia) 15-Sep-12

12 August 2012:

I can't believe how well your little EasyCap works. At first I just fitted it without disconnecting the original capacitor, and if anything it was worse. I had the armature rewound about a thousand miles ago, but soon the engine would cut out if I opened the throttle too quickly when it got warmed up, which gradually got worse as the engine got hotter, until I had to be very careful with the throttle to keep the engine running, any retarding of the ignition would have the mag cut out. I managed to cut the capacitor wires without dismantling the armature using a Dremel, the capacitors were embedded in a semi transparent resin and I could see the wires through the resin and this left the wire from the coil still embedded in the resin, perfect. The bike now runs very well and I can retard the ignition with no ill effects. Many thanks.
Dave, Barnsley.

Forum TerroT Club, 19 July 2012

Re: Condensateur externe pour magnéto
Je viens de monter un condensateur de ce type sur ma Magnéto France GCO. Très simple a monter et super efficace. Je recommande. :-)

18 June 2012:

Hi there, I have received my EasyCaps from yourselves. I followed your on-line instructions and found them very helpful. I did the condensectomy, fitted the EasyCap, retimed the ignition, all seems very well. I have been out on the bike and everything seems to be great. Very happy, telling all my mates about yourselves and how quick I received the item.
Yours thankfully,
Mark Bright, Hampshire, UK

16 June 2012:

Just a little feed back. I would like to commend your product CO1 ceramic capacitor. It worked extremely well during its first run today in my 1959 Golden Flash. I found it ran very very evenly (smooth) on both cylinders. The machine has never run as good for me in all the time I have had it. The condenser snip was easy. The value of the troublesome condenser was 5.5 micro farads. This was I need not tell you a real draw on the coil.
John McCarthy, Ireland.

31 May 2012:

I have fitted one of these to my Panther heavyweight, to replace the "built in" modern condenser fitted when the armature was rewound two years ago.
No more frustration with warm starting. God knows how many times I stripped the carb!! It's a really cost effective and relatively easy way to confirm your armature windings are ok after all. Delivery and after-sales were exemplary.
Martin Main
(From the land of dampness)

Ebay snippets:

Quick shipments. Only +++ from here. skorsten_jkl (Denmark) 16-May-12


Solution ingénieuse, très bonne communication, envoi rapide, tous est OK++++ pascal1290 (France) 12-May-12


Fantastic idea. Arrived safe and sound. Thanks. blacklightning1c (Queensland, Australia) 12-May-12


Very good seller! Thanks for deal! Sprzedawca godny polecenia. Pozdrawiam! rwd455 (Poland) 05-May-12


Service fantastic, delivered by hand next morning, very nice guy A+++++++++++ questover41 (Hampshire, UK) 19-Apr-12

17 May 2012:

Membre du Terrot Club de France depuis sa création, je tiens à remercier « Brightspark Magnetos » d'avoir mis sur le marché, à un prix très abordable, cette solution novatrice.
Après avoir changé 3 fois , en l’espace de 2 ans, le condensateur de la Magnéto de ma 500 Terrot RGSE de 1946, la suppression définitive du condensateur d’origine et son remplacement par l’« easyCap» a résolu définitivement mes problèmes : démarrage à froid et à chaud garantis, amélioration du rendement moteur.
Les informations du site, vidéos et photos suffisent à comprendre cet ingénieux dispositif et comment procéder à son installation.
Merci, grâce à vous, je roule tranquille maintenant.
Patrick B., Bayeux, France

C04 EasyCap ordered Easter Saturday 2012; received, fitted and working the following Tuesday (despite the bank holiday on the Monday):

Many thanks for swift delivery of this item, it has improved my mag instantly. One observation, when fitting the CO4 PCB check the length of the screw that holds the points spring. If it is too long it hits the PCB and could damage it. A great bit of kit.
Regards John Stainton.

(... we do in fact include a note with the C04 EasyCap pointing out that care needs to be taken in the restricted space available to ensure that the little 6BA screw at the end of the CB spring does not foul the circuit board of the C04 EasyCap.)

27 March 2012:

Initial feedback on EasyCap ordered the previous day:
Fast turnaround. Looks good. As described. Thanks!!!!!

... follow-up feedback on 31 March:
Now fitted. Easy to fit. Works a treat.

... and feedback on a repeat purchase three days later:
Good product. Repeat purchase. Good solution to an old problem. Thanks!!
Dave Tann, England.

3 April 2012:

you guys are heaven sent. I fitted one of your 'easycap' devices to my 1957 Norton Dominator and it's running like a swiss watch, thanks guys.
Bike was suffering from the usual 'hard to start when warm syndrome' and I decided to fit one of your products after reading your site and what a site, absolutely brilliant.
I picked up your website from Jampot magazine.
Lads keep on doing what you're doing, don't ever stop.
Cheers from a very happy bunny.

BSA A7/A10 forum, 19 March 2012 ...

After impossible to start - remagnetized magneto, added EasyCap, set timing, general cleaning of connections: tickle; first kick; vroom.
Richard L. Illinois USA

... and the following day ...
Well, that first start after the magneto work was last night just in the garage. Today, I tried again. NO BAD NEWS HERE. Started like a champ and rode fantastic.
Richard L. Illinois USA

EasyCap order received 29  February 2012. Email from customer received two days later ...

From: Tony Garwood
Sent: Friday, 2 March 2012, 15:33
Subject: Tried your capacitor
Thanks for your conversion unit to replace the capacitor on my K2F magneto. I followed your instructions to remove the old unit from the armature, fitted the new unit to the contact breaker assembly, then ran the bike. Good starting, even when hot; also a reliable tickover.
The bike had all the symptoms of a duff capacitor before (hot start problems and idle problems when retarding the ignition), now it is running nicely.
I found the delivery service to be good, the unit arrived the day after ordering. The information you provide on the web is great; especially the extra info on mags etc. It will be useful to reference that extra information in the future, when and if needed.
All I need to do is ride the bike and see how the longevity of the unit goes.
Tony Garwood. Chingford.


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